Top 10 Benefits of Upgrading Your HVAC System

Homeowners seem to love upgrades that make them smile when they walk into the room. When their kitchen or bathroom remodel is done, they will probably have a party and invite their friends and family to see the changes. They will go into detail about everything that was updated, whether their guests want to know or not.

Upgrading your HVAC system doesn’t always have that same level of excitement. While it isn’t something you see regularly, you certainly feel the effects of a poorly functioning unit. It is a significant component of your level of comfort within your house. Without it, you will be too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer! Here are ten reasons you should celebrate when upgrading your HVAC system.

Things Break Down Over Time

Anyone over fifty will tell you that they begin to fall apart as things age. If your system is over ten to fifteen years old, things will probably start to fail. This could mean that during the hottest time of the year, you will need a way to cool down or, worse, no way to heat your home during a cold snap. Creating a plan to update your system now will prevent those sorts of emergencies from happening.

Newer Model Will Save You Money

You will have an initial outlay of money to install your new system. That money will be returned to you each month in the savings you see from your heating and cooling costs. New models are more efficient, therefore needing less energy to run. You will notice this change in your monthly bill.

Everyone Will be More Comfortable

Do you know that feeling of a hot, sticky summer day where it is just impossible to get cooled down? Your old HVAC unit is probably working hard to get things at a bearable level, but it may not keep up. Upgrading to a more modern system will leverage improved technology to keep everyone in the house comfortable, whether one hundred degrees or minus ten degrees.

The Repair Person Knows Your Address

It is great to have access to a reliable repair person, but not if they visit your house regularly. This means there is something seriously wrong with your HVAC system. Making a few simple repairs can extend the life of your system. When those repairs become frequent and more costly, it is definitely time to consider an upgrade.

Your Thermostat Isn’t Smart

Technology is a great way to make your house more efficient and more comfortable. One of the best pieces of technology a homeowner can install in their house is a programable “smart” thermostat. This allows you to set controls on the heating and cooling without needing to be there. You can set up all the desired temperature settings at the correct time and never worry about forgetting to turn your system up or down again.

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People’s Allergies Are Getting Worse

Many modern HVAC systems heat and cool the house and provide air filtration. This function can remove many allergens that cause symptoms of allergies to flare up. Installing a new system will allow everyone to breathe a little more easily.

There is so Much Noise

So many old movies reference the clickity clang of a furnace as it runs. These sounds are often comedic relief in a movie, but not if it is happening in your home. Upgrading to a new system will make hearing all the noise on your television easier than within your home.

Add Value to Your Home

Home buyers want a house they don’t have to do much work to. People get concerned about having to invest significant money into something like an HVAC system. Upgrading your system now will help you to sell your house quickly when the time comes. It also typically has about a 60-70% return on investment.

The Environment Will Thank You

Saving energy doesn’t just mean you will have more money each month. It also decreases your personal need to generate that energy. This decrease in energy, along with an overall cleaner system, is excellent for protecting the environment.

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Peace of Mind

This is the most significant benefit of upgrading your HVAC system. Having something that is reliable and that you know performs to the best possible standard will remove that stress from your life. Managing an older system can quickly become overwhelming for a homeowner. Once your new system is installed, this worry will be removed from your life. You can sit back and be comfortable in your home.

As you can see, there are many benefits to upgrading your HVAC system. When the time comes for you to make the purchase, working with an experienced team will ensure that everything is done correctly and meets your specifications. The Ideal Heating & Cooling team can get you started with an upgrade.

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