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How To Keep Your Home Cool During the Summer Months

Cranky. This is the best word to describe the mood most people are in when the summer temperatures get too hot. People often envision summer as an idyllic and wonderful time where life just feels easy. A time for outdoor parties, family vacations, and lots of time by the pool. We wait all winter for these moments and when the first warm day hits, the feeling is euphoric. It carries us well into June and July.

Then the temperatures begin to rise outside. The humidity climbs and it feels impossible to cool down. The hotter it becomes; the more conflicts arise within the house as everyone is on edge. The kids begin squabbling with one another, partners argue over the simplest of tasks, and even the pets are irritated.

Cooling the house down is the best way to relieve the cranky feeling everyone is experiencing. At least when they are within your home, they can be cool and not feel like they need a third or fourth shower for the day. Here are a few tips to bring the temps down a bit in your home so that everyone can go back to enjoying that idyllic, relaxing summer lifestyle.

Turn Down the Thermostat

Central air conditioning is the quickest and easiest way to get your house cool and to keep it cool. Once installed, everything connects to your home’s thermostat(s) and allows you to adjust the temperature as needed. Imagine the relief everyone will feel when they come into your home after enduring scorching outside temperatures and high humidity! Your house will be the summer party hangout of choice.

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Window Air Conditioning

Some houses will not easily accommodate a central air conditioning unit. The good news is that there are a wide variety of air conditioning units on the market today. A window unit in your bedroom may help with sleeping. Several units could be installed throughout the home to keep the temperatures down in the main areas. These units are often heavy, and you may require assistance installing them. The one downside is they are not easily moved from room to room due to their size and venting requirements.

Portable Air Conditioning

A portable air conditioner on wheels is another fantastic option for cooling your home. While these units still require some setup to vent outside of a window, they are a bit simpler to move around than a window unit. You could keep one unit in the main family room during the day, and then move it to a bedroom for the night. Also, remember that cold air is heavier than hot air. If you place these units on an upper level, the cool air will drop down to your main floors below. It won’t be as cool as having the unit in the room, but it could drop the temperature by a few degrees.

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Centuries-Old Cooling Methods

Some people simply do not like air conditioning. Perhaps they enjoy the warmer weather and want to savor it until winter rolls back around. There are plenty of methods to keep your home cool without air conditioning. These are tricks people have been using for centuries and they will definitely take the edge off.

  • Get a Fan – Have you seen ancient photos of gods and goddesses being fanned by servants? Ok, so we aren’t saying you should hire someone to sit and fan you, but there are plenty of fantastic fan options available today.
  • Use the Cool Night Air – The temperatures outside often drop overnight. This is the perfect time to open your windows and allow that air to come inside. Placing a fan in the window will really help to draw that cooler air inside.
  • Cover the Windows – The sun is closest to the earth in the summer, and it is hot. When the morning sun begins to hit, close your curtains to block that heat from entering your home.
  • Change How You Cook –Turning the oven on in your home will generate extra heat. Now is the time to take advantage of your favorite restaurant’s take-out menu or your barbecue grill. 
  • Find a Swimming Spot – Community swimming pools, a neighbor’s pool, a local hidden swimming hole, or your own backyard pool make for the perfect way to cool down even during the worst heat wave. 
  • Plant Trees – Trees can provide shade for your home and your yard. The temperature under a nice large shade tree can reduce its surrounding air temperature by 6 degrees. That may not seem like a great deal, but you will notice that difference as soon as you step into the shade.

Summer should be the time of year that brings people together for lots of outdoor fun. When the temperatures become unbearable, and sometimes even dangerous, having a cool home will give you a place to take a break.  The team at Ideal Heating & Cooling is available to discuss your cooling needs. 

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