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Your in-home or office temperature determines the level of comfort you feel in that setting. Ideal Heating and Air Conditioning will help you reach maximum comfort at minimal costs. Geothermal energy systems have been in use for heating and cooling in “power-less” settings for years and have granted many people a comfortable atmosphere in their home.

Heat Pumps / High-Efficiency Units
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Although heat is in the name, a heat pump is used for both heating and cooling your home. The idea behind geothermal energy is that the heating and cooling systems utilize a heat pump by drawing warm air from outside into the home while extracting the cold air inside and moving it outside during the winter. During the summer, the heat pump performs the opposite: it draws cold air in from outside while extracting the hot air out from inside the home. As a whole, the geothermal heat pump continues efficiently without burning any natural gasses until the desired temperature is reached.

Omaha Geothermal Heat Pump Installation & Maintenance

There are several great benefits to using a geothermal energy system. First is the cost efficiency. A geothermal unit can save a household anywhere from 30-70% of their current heating costs every year (according to US EPA), and up to 50% on cooling costs for every household. In fact, these geothermal energy units are so reliable and efficient that many national council of power utilities offer discounted rates for households that are run by the geothermal heat pumps.

Geothermal heating and cooling costs aside, the cost of maintenance on a geothermal heat pump is insignificant in comparison to the frequent service that traditional AC cooling and heating units require. When purchasing a geothermal heat pump, you will be investing money up front so you will save in the many years to come.

The Best Products Should Come With The Best Service

Here at Ideal Heating and Air Conditioning, we guarantee complete satisfaction for our services and products. We carry the biggest names in the industry because these are the only names we can trust to make every household operate smoothly and efficiently. We strive to make your home’s heating and cooling system project pleasant and to save you time and money on both the product, service, and future operating costs.

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