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Ductless air conditioning and heat pump systems are an ideal option for homeowners who want to maintain precise control over indoor temperatures, without investing in the installation of ductwork.  These compact, yet powerful systems consist of an outdoor unit connected to an indoor unit mounted on the wall or in the ceiling.  The indoor unit is lightweight and attractive, with a slim profile that fits nicely into any decor.  With little more than a three-inch hole in an exterior wall, you’ll enjoy wonderful flexibility in location, and the ability to perfectly heat or cool a single room or target multiple rooms.  Mini- and multi-split systems allow you to customize your comfort, room-by-room, at the touch of a remote control.  And when you contact Ideal Heating & Air Conditioning to handle your installation projects, we’ll provide the knowledgeable recommendations and skilled service you need to enjoy maximum benefits.

Expert Ductless HVAC Services

Ideal Heating & Air Conditioning specializes in the leading manufacturers of ductless technology on the market today.  Consider American Standard brand and Mitsubishi Electric ductless systems, for outstanding performance and reliability.  These units are approximately forty percent more energy efficient than portable air conditioners, and can trim up to thirty percent off your heating and cooling costs.  Take advantage of up to 27.00 SEER, uniquely designed air vents to minimize sound levels, and models that can operate efficiently in temperatures as low as -13° F.  Natural green tea filters trap up to 95% of potentially hazardous bacteria, and ensure long-lasting sterilization.  Turbo function enables high-speed operation to achieve optimum temperatures quickly.  Sleep function conserves energy by automatically adapting temperature according to set sleep times. Auto clean function continues fan operation after the unit is stopped to prohibit bacteria from forming. A handy timer allows you to control when and how your ductless system runs, and the system’s memory eliminates the need to reset the system in the event of a power loss.  With I FEEL mode, the unit monitors and automatically varies output to changing indoor conditions, resulting in tighter temperature control, less wear on components, and sound levels down to 26 decibels.  When you trust your investment to Ideal Heating & Air Conditioning, you can relax and enjoy reliable, efficient, and unprecedented control over your indoor environment.

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Ideal Heating & Air Conditioning brings home and business owners in Omaha & Surrounding Areas innovative and proven solutions to any comfort challenge.  We make sure you’re satisfied with every decision and step of the process.  Through accurate information and prompt installation appointments we get your project started and completed with very little disruption.  We can normally handle installation in a single day, and there’s no leftover mess, damage, or debris to deal with.  Our NATE-certified specialists implement the indoor units seamlessly into your living space, verify proper operation, and ensure perfect comfort.  We are also available for skilled seasonal maintenance, prompt repair, and 24/7 Emergency Service across Omaha, Bellevue, Papillion, NE & Council Bluffs.  At Ideal Heating & Air Conditioning, every service is handled to your complete satisfaction.

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